Citypography Risograph book
Citypography  Risograph book
Citypography  Risograph book


Price: 15,- Euro + postage
Format: 20,5 cm x 28,3 cm
Edition: 40 pieces

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Citypography#024 is a 24 page multi-colour A4 Risograph book, documenting the (typo)graphic identity of the city of Nijmegen, NL. Printed on Bio Top 120 grams paper, except for the cover which is printed in 4 colours on 200 grams Bio Top paper. Edition of 40 stapled copies. Each piece is totally unique because of slight deviations in the different coloured printed layers.
Citypography is an ongoing project about capturing typography and graphics in cities. All kinds of outdoor communication are put into collages; storefronts, murals, hand lettering, signage, posters, neonsigns, graffiti & advertising. The original pictures were taken in Nijmegen on 17 February 2017, thus this publication documents the (typo)graphic identity of the city at this specific moment. Some signs may be gone already or stores might have been closed by now.