HHP003 7" vinyl

A1: Veluwe II / A2: Shizu

Infinite Potentials
1A: Headnodcheese / 1B: Lazer Drone

Price: 13,50 Euro (shipping worldwide included)
Includes: Custom made risograph printed sleeve + A3 poster! Hand-stamped labels plus stickers.
Edition: 150 pieces, 100 for sale only.

Krampfhaft (Joris van Grunsven) is an uncompromising producer from Utrecht. He rose to great fame in the post dubstep era with some ground breaking releases and live-sets with strictly own material. He remixed Bjørk, went to Red Bull Music Academy in New York and hit the headlines when DJ Shadow was banned from the dj booth in Miami for being ‘too future’ after playing one of his tracks.

Veluwe II is a follow up on the Veluwe track on Krampfhaft's debut album from 2014 on the Rwina label. It’s dark and light at the same time. It is followed by a short beautiful piano piece with some icy and cinematic strings called Shizu. These tracks were made in seclusion in a small cabin in the Veluwe moorlands in 2012 and were never released before.
Infinite Potentials from London is a founding member of the cult favourite Indigo Pyramid collective with eLan, Shlohmo, Billion Dollar Quartet, Zeroh, 10th Letter and NigelOne (who appears on HHP001 in a collaboration with P3riph3ral). They were all operating mainly in the end of the 00’s / early 10’s in the vein of producers like Flying Lotus, J Dilla and Dåm Funk.

Headnodcheese has a crazy hiphop influenced beat with some cheesy synths, totally in line with the original Indigo Pyramid sounds. It was digitally released in 2011 on the ‘Waveform’ compilation from Manchester‘s Expansions Collective under the name ‘Happy Head Nods’. Second track Lazer Drone is a more straightforward electro track featuring some retro-futuristic vocoders and lushy synth melodies. It was uploaded to Infinite Potentials' Soundcloud in 2012.